To find your nearest Aquanatal class use the regional links on the left to go to the appropriate region page. Then the classes we know about are arranged in alphabetical order by towns, cities or London boroughs. For each class the information is as follows.

  • Town/City Name
  • Link to Venue
  • Day and time of class
  • Name of Class Leader/Instructor
  • Contact Phone Number
  • E-mail address
  • Notes

In some cases we do not have a full set of information for every class so the lines are omitted. Where a venue offers more than one class a week there is an extra line. Since we started to maintain this site in 2002 we have listed hundreds of classes, some of which have changed their times or even ceased to operate at all.

When we hear that a class has changed or ended we update our listings but inevitably we are sometimes behind the times. If you try to enrol in one of the classes we have listed and find that our information is no longer accurate please take a couple of minutes to use the Contact link on the left and drop us an email with the correct information. That way we can keep as up to date as possible for future users.